El Consejo de Gobierno de la Junta de Catilla y León ha aprobado una subvención de 65.000 euros a la Organización Interprofesional de la Patata de Castilla y León (OIPACYL) para fortalecer y equilibrar el sector de la patata. El importe aprobado se destinará a la creación y de sarrollo de contenidos online de interés para el sector de la […]

Starch-based gluten-free bread (formulations containing a mixture of corn and potato starch with hydrocolloids) are deficient in nutrients and do not contain health-promoting compounds. Therefore they could be supplemented with raw materials rich in such components, especially antioxidants. Among them, pseudo-cereals, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are often applied to this purpose. Potato pulp produced by processing red-fleshed (Magenta Love) and […]

New Book to guide Potato Research and Development

Few people are aware that the potato is the third most important global crop in terms of human consumption. It contributes to the food and nutrition security, climate resilience and incomes of millions of resource-poor families across the Global South. However, achieving the potato’s full potential to feed a growing population in a climate-changing world requires research, new technologies and […]