New Book to guide Potato Research and Development

Few people are aware that the potato is the third most important global crop in terms of human consumption. It contributes to the food and nutrition security, climate resilience and incomes of millions of resource-poor families across the Global South. However, achieving the potato’s full potential to feed a growing population in a climate-changing world requires research, new technologies and […]

Rwanda pilots ‘revolutionary’ potato seeds

The Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) has started testing True Potato Seeds, which are produced by Solynta, a Dutch firm that develops hybrid potatoes. True Potato Seeds are collected from the berries or fruits of the potato plant. One of the benefits of such seeds is that as opposed to using 2,500 kilogrammes or 2.5 tonnes of perishable potato-tubers per one […]

EAPR 2020: 21st Triennial Conference

The 21st Triennial Conference of the European Association for the Potato Research (EAPR) will be held in Warsaw, Poland, with an inspiring program including a wide and diversified range of potato specialists from all over the world. The Conference aims to cover all potato-related topics from fundamental and applied research, potato breeding, extension services and technology transfer, to technical and […]

El Comité de Patata de FEPEX se reunió, el 11 de diciembre, en Madrid, y eligió como nuevo presidente a Alfonso Sáenz de Cámara, que apuesta por el trabajo conjunto entre los distintos ámbitos de la producción y comercialización de la patata en España, con el fin de dar respuesta a los retos del sector, como el descenso del consumo […]